Two men with eight legs between them throw 'rats' and themselves around an island of rubbish.

Clearly, it's not an obvious 55-minute Christmas show, but a theatrically inventive example of how to make the most of things.

Lyngo Theatre's Patrick Lynch (CBeebies) and Italian star Carlos Rossi are marooned and, while they drink out of a wine bottle (which could have been a pop alternative for kids), it is made clear they are desperate for its water.

Many viewers will want more story direction.

And much more Christmas.

But while the show will be in Manchester during the holidays, I, for one, was glad not to have a festive theme rammed down my throat in mid-November.

Some of the miming and acting was sublime; had Morecambe & Wise done an 'Ernie play' like this it would have been a classic.

In animation terms, Lygo is bravely aiming for Les Triplettes de Belleville, not the sugar highs of Disney.

Till Sunday, December 2.