There have been many great philosophers with their ideas routed in Judaism. Maimonides, Marx, Freud, Einstein and Woody Allen.

But Victoria Beckham? Hmmm. Doesn’t seem likely.

For one thing – though her hubby has Jewish blood – Posh doesn’t.

Plus she’s not much of a thinker – unless you count deciding whether sling-backs go with mini-skirts.

Yet, strange as it may seem, a throwaway comment made by Mrs David Beckham made a huge impact on the Jewish community.

When Victoria discussed the ‘roots’ of her hair extensions, it instigated a conversation about the authenticity of the materials used for wigs worn by married women. This unlikely subject becomes the focus for Samantha Ellis’s Cling To Me Like Ivy.

Rivka is looking forward to getting married. But doubts about her wig lead to a series of events that cause her life, and dreams, to collapse.

Ellis has written a brisk drama (or brisket drama?), which is a blend of Arnold Wesker and Hollyoaks.

The dialogue is sharp yet lyrical, and Ellis proves herself adept at gentle comedy and perfectly-pitched poignancy. The cast are all excellent, with special commendation going to Emily Holt as Rivka.

Cling To Me Like Ivy certainly clings to the memory. Not a drama that is hair today and gone tomorrow.

Rating: 4/5