The idea of a whole evening of solo trumpet and percussion is somewhat daunting, but the reality was fascinating.

Swedish trumpet phenomenon Håkan Hardenberger is a splendid musical partner for percussionist Colin Currie.

Six pieces from mature composers highlighted their skills including the commissioned work, Lucid Intervals (2006) by David Maric, offsetting the more mellow flügelhorn and trumpet with tuned percussion.

Bright interjecting sparks from crotales (small tuned cymbals) contrasted with more sustained bowed vibraphone. Independence was evident with one open textured carillon-style passage catching the imagination as repetitions led towards spiky unison rhythms, finally creating an inevitable “wow”factor.

Dialogo 4 by Börtz began the evening with curiously mismatched tuning as splendid high trumpet notes challenged the impossible-to-adjust pitch of pianissimo marimba and crotales. Eventual long sustained notes led to ear-splitting trumpet and a wonderfully lugubrious final tam-tam stroke. One marvelled at Currie’s finely-honed spacial skills, but endless reiteration was probably more gratifying for performer than listeners.