It’s 21 years since pianist Andy Connell and singer Corinne Drewery topped the UK album chart with their electro pop debut, It’s Better To Travel.

Since then, the pair have been on a musical journey through numerous styles including classical, Sixties soul, R&B, funk, Latin, and even trip-hop.

Most notably, they have embraced jazz and this was the focus of their sermon to the faithful in the pews of converted church Huntingdon Hall.

Billed as ‘An Intimate Evening’, the show had an acoustic feel and borrowed heavily from SOS’s ninth and latest studio album, the melodic Beautiful Mess.

But it was the more uptempo and uplifting songs from years gone by, such as Somewhere In The World and Am I The Same Girl?, that were most warmly received. Corinne, who could still pass as a double for model Erin O’Connor, sang beautifully but Andy and the three hired jazz musicians never seemed to get in full, er, swing.

It was a pale imitation of the ten-piece SOS with horn section that squeezed onto the stage at Bilston’s Robin 2 three years ago.

But it was still a joy to see Japan-based Andy and Corinne on one of their rare shows on British soil.