The talented but tumultuous union between Tina and Ike Turner supplies enough drama and hits to sustain a thrilling piece of musical theatre.

It is the latter which receives top billing here. Kicking off with Private Dancer, the show tours through Tina’s outstanding back catalogue, taking in memorable moments such as River Deep, Mountain High and What’s Love Got To Do With It before climaxing, perhaps predictably, with The Best.

The songs are strung together with a somewhat simplified story of the singer’s life, played out against a backdrop of racial and sexual oppression. For all the hits and a superb supporting cast, the show inevitably stands or falls on the performance of the titular soul sister.

Emi Wokoma is a revelation, every inch the embodiment of Tina Turner.

Her powerhouse vocals shake the Belgrade to its foundations; her scowl and strut perfectly recreate the star’s on-stage swagger. Until Saturday