Review: Paloma Faith,
at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

She may not wear dresses made from meat or bras that shoot sparks, but Paloma Faith is Britain’s very own Lady Gaga – albeit one from the 1940s.

With her own unique dress sense – from a flowing blue number and hat that resembled a piece of net and a banana skin to a little black bodice – the former magician’s assistant is a real one-off, a great English eccentric who also has substance to go with the style.

From her Barbara Windsor giggle to that great voice, the 25-year-old from Hackney is a real entertainer. She does a great line in banter in between songs – she’s not one of those performers who looks like she’s simply going through the motions.

Despite problems with the sound early on, this was a polished yet fun performance, with songs old and new and a couple of great covers.

The bulk came from her platinum-selling debut, Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?, including the title track, Stone Cold Sober, Upside Down and set closer New York – a real singalong favourite with the packed Civic.

The banter was every bit as good as the music, whether about her outfits or how she hates going to the gym – which led neatly into new song Me And My Cellulite – complete with bottom wiggles at the appropriate moments. A sure-fire hit.

The backing band were every bit as good as the singer’s legs.

All new tracks passed the inpromptu ‘clapometer’, while the highlight was doubtless her moving cover of Nick Cave’s Into My Arms.

It’s just a pity a group of ignorants decided to chat through it – until one man in the crowd finally had enough and told them in no uncertain terms to shut up. He was roundly applauded. Paloma might well have puzzled what it was for, since she was still mid-song.

There was plenty more from the crowd when she finished. The clapometer was off the scale.