Review: Foals, at the Institute, Birmingham

It's hard to pinpoint or explain yet it’s so very apparent. Foals have something other bands just don’t have.

This intangible quality unites their loyal fans like an extended family.

It makes them universally sit down at the start of songs (Spanish Sahara) and chant the lyrics to songs (Two Steps Twice) before they’re actually played.

The crowd packed tightly into the front of the venue for the best view of their idols.

A fanfare of trumpets made way for creepy noises - like what you might expect from a fog-covered swamp in a horror film - as guitarist Jimmy Smith takes the stage.

He strummed the opening chords to Prelude and was joined, one-by-one, by the rest of the group with singer Yannis Philippakis emerging last, and to the largest roar.

New tracks My Number, Late Night and Milk And Black Spiders were all exquisitely delivered but Inhaler stole the show.

“Cause I can’t get enough space”, Yannis screamed during its explosive finale.

The sound of ocean waves gently breaking onto a shore signaled the start of Spanish Sahara and prompted half the crowd to sit down and gradually rise as the song built to a crashing crescendo.

If Foals began the night as heroes, then they must have ended it as saviours.