Ask most people what national treasure means and they will tell you either it's the name of two films starring Nicholas Cage or a term of great endearment relating to musicians who, shall we say, have been successful for more than 15 minutes.

Maddy Prior, the epitome of English folk music, certainly falls into the latter category and has been responsible for some of the most varied and interesting bodies of work during her 43 year career.

At present recording an acoustic cd of traditional music to be called Seven For Old England, Maddy is playing a short set of dates this month before embarking on a much fuller tour in the autumn.

The point of all this is that she is set to appear at that most delightful Worcester venue that is Huntingdon Hall on March 13.

As part of her preparation, Maddy has spent an inordinate amount of time in research at

Cecil Sharpe House, the home and archive of English folk music, both looking forward to yet another chapter in her musical life and revisiting her roots.

In common with the fact that she has played with some of the genre's finest during her career, she continues this thread of quality being accompanied by Benji Fitzpatrick, son of accordion playing wizard John, and Giles Lewin, the fiddle player with the Carnival Band.

Both are equally well known for their roles as part of Bellowhead, recently voted the best live act at the 2008 Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Maddy Prior has always been a by-word for quality music and above all fun. Possessed of one of the purest voices in English music, she is one of the great acoustic troubadours. Get along to Worcester and see one of the originators of musical storytelling at her peak. Box office enquiries on 01905 611427.