“Please welcome the greatest living rock ‘n’ roll band in the world - The Fratellis!”

That was the announcement as the Scottish trio made their entrance on to a stage lit by multi-coloured lava lamps.

You would hope the hype was all tongue in cheek because - as good as The Fratellis are - they’re certainly not the greatest living rock ‘n’ roll band.

But their live set was impressively rocking, not that the Wolverhampton crowd needs an excuse to go suitably berserk, and it wasn’t long before hands were flailing in the air to the sound of ‘Henrietta’.

New songs ‘Mistress Mabel’ and ‘Acid Jazz Singer’ went down suitably well but there was only one track that the crowd had really come to hear.

Between every song there was a gentle suggestion of the Glaswegian groups biggest selling hit ‘Chelsea Dagger’, that has now become a hit on the football stands as well as pub duke boxes.

And, somewhat surprisingly, the buzzing fans were not made to wait long for the anthem.

Practically every pair of arms pumped up and down for the three minutes of ‘nah nah nahs’ and everyone was expecting to hear the hit again when they came back out for the encore.

But it an extended version of ‘Mistress Mabel’ that was rolled out for the final act and as the light and sound roadies showed what they could do the set was finished with an air of triumph.