Cinema Club, cert: 15 rrp: #17.99, ***

It would be far too easy to accuse it of being a rip-off of Fargo so let's not go there. Instead, take it for an enjoyable, quirky black comedy set against an Alaskan background and it delivers.

Down-on-his-luck travel agent Paul Barnell (Robin Williams) finds his creditors are about to close him down, his wife (Holly Hunter) has a medical condition that may or may not be Tourette's syndrome and he wants desperately to get her the best care, but his insurance company won't pay out on the million-dollar policy on his missing brother Raymond (Woody Harrelson) because being presumed dead for five years just isn't long enough.

But Paul's luck's about to change courtesy of the body dumped in a wheelie bin by two hitmen.

Deciding he can pass it off for his brother, he throws the body off a cliff and when that fails to get any attention, covers it in fried bacon and leaves it for the wolves to eat.

The cops fall for it but not his nemesis Ted Watters (Giovanni Ribisi), a thoroughly pale but thor-oughly obsessive insurance investigator who's determined to prove things ain't what they seem, even if it does disrupt his own personal life.

To make matters even more complicated, the hitmen 'move in' to Paul's home and hold his wife hostage in return for the body and a share of the insurance loot, and then Raymond turns up and also wants a bit of the cake.

It's off-beat and entertaining enough, and held together by the battle between a very good Williams (in one of his restrained, hangdog-face sympathy-inducing performances) and the excellent Ribisi, as well as Hunter whose character's condition means she is compulsively swearing during even the most innocent of encounters.

Extras include commentary from British director Mark Mylod and behind-the-scenes footage.