So, the boss is keeping you tied to the desk until early Friday evening and you can't make it down to Cheltenham until it really is the weekend? Never mind - there's always Coventry.

The late night Coventry Jazz Spring Session upstairs at the Belgrade Theatre features a new and exciting band led by pianist and composer Janette Mason.

Completing her quartet are saxophonist Mornington Lockett, Dudley Phillips on bass and Simon Pearson on drums.

The band will doubtless be playing tunes from Mason's soon to be released album, the wittily titled Din and Tonic.

The pianist has a strong background in TV music as well as writing for commercials, so her ability to conjure up an atmosphere - or indeed sell us something - is not in doubt.

The real revelation comes in her strong, driving solos, which manage to become increasingly complex, both rhythmically and harmonically, while also increasing the intensity and building to some very exciting climaxes.

Her compositional strengths clearly assist the others in her band too, and Mornington Lockett turns in some stunning solos on the album.

It swings hard at times but mostly it has a knottier, funkier feel.

Whether Mason will be bringing other keyboards with her to Coventry I don't know but she certainly uses them to subtle but crucial effect as colour in the studio.

The Janette Mason band play from 10.30pm on Friday evening, and tickets are £7.50 (£5.50) on the door or book online at