Glossy entertainment king Jerry Bruckheimer has changed track to produce a contemporary supernatural horror thriller supposedly based on the life of a New York police officer.

Bruckheimer’s CV includes Flashdance, Top Gun, The Rock, Con Air, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lone Ranger and even the infamous Pearl Harbour.

Deliver Us From Evil simply sets out to shock, with images including a splayed, crucified cat and a splattered child with a bone sticking out.

All you then need, of course, is a woman on all fours foaming at the mouth and speaking Latin in a strange voice.

Eric Bana plays Ralph Sarchie, a real life cop who became a ‘demonologist’ with plenty of Bronx stories up his sleeve.

That he looks disconcertingly like New York-bound former Chelsea soccer star Frank Lampard is purely coincidental, but after already giving us Hulk (2003) and The Time Traveller’s Wife (2009) Bana’s career now feels like it’s gasping for breath.

Edgar Ramirez co-stars as a Jesuit priest called Father Mendoza who has been helping an insane woman who throws a child in a city zoo.

Too many scenes are unconnected and some are shot in incomprehensible close-up by director Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose / Sinister).

A torrent of clichés soon references everything from The Exorcist to the Middle East thriller Jarhead while mincing in shades of horror characters like Chucky the doll right through to Hannibal the Cannibal.

When flesh starts to be chewed it’s as if we’re watching a spoof called De-Liver Us.

Although there’s some typically impressive Bruckheimer-backed cinematography to enjoy and fans of The Doors will appreciate the many song references, the film is so noisy and seriously overlong at 118 minutes that many multiplex viewers will soon be wishing they could be delivered into a neighbouring screen – through the wall if necessary.