By Richard Jackson

Anyone that works with computers will tell you that they will always stop working when you least want them to.

In Adam Buxton’s case, that’s on stage in front of several hundred people at his multimedia comedy music show, BUG. Which literally developed a bug.

A problem for a show entirely generated from Buxton’s PC onto a giant screen – but one he bluffed his way through with easy charm.

The format of Bug is Buxton showing his favourite weird and wonderful music videos, interspersed with his own comedy creations and spoofs. You might discover a band you never knew you liked; and you’ll definitely see some great videos – and laugh like a drain at its brilliant silliness.

The biggest laughs came from Buxton morphing his mouth into Brad Pitt’s face in those pompous Chanel No.5 ads, getting the star to ‘say’ the filthiest things. The show ended predictably with the host’s musical hero, as Buxton spliced himself into one of David Bowie’s recent videos to great comic effect.