Leading an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is something that more and more individuals and companies are striving towards – and for good reason.

Not only does it help reduce our impact on the planet, minimising the often-negative imprint we leave on the environment, but it often saves us money.

But have you considered actually making money from being green?

One way is to consider using a mobile phone recycling service such as Mobile Phone Xchange, who allow their customers to sell mobile phones and re-house them to people in developing countries.

It’s as simple as visiting the website, finding your handset model and sending the old mobile phone in the post. Payments are made within a few days and can be as much as £200 depending on the make and model.

Considering the hazardous materials such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead that are present in most modern phones, it is a sensible decision to recycle your old mobile phone instead of throwing it in the bin.

Unwanted handsets that are still in a good working condition are sent to developing countries across the world, giving people who might not otherwise have access to useful technology the opportunity to use your old handset.

It is also possible to trade in mobile phones that no longer work – the recycling service will dispose of the hazardous materials in a safe manner, and will be able to recycle the plastics and turn them into new things like traffic cones – and even new mobile phones.

It is certainly a growing trend as more and more people recycle their old mobile phone, and when you consider the mutual benefits of everyone involved, it’s easy to see why.