If you're an innovative business by nature, involved in engineering, design, software or technology your business can very likely qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

For a link to the R&D Tax video that tackles the question "Can Tax Relief Finance Your Projects?" click here.

R&D Tax Relief is often £26 and sometimes even as high as £33 for every £100 spent on innovation.

Unfortunately, in the UK every 9 out of 10 otherwise qualifying businesses are not even aware of generous tax incentive.

Complexities behind tax laws and procedures are often difficult to wrap your head around and it can take up a lot of your valuable time.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then let us introduce R&D Tax Solutions, who are currently calling on local businesses to attend their upcoming innovations seminars.

With their headquarters located in Manchester, R&D Tax Solutions are now travelling across the country in an effort to demonstrate to innovative businesses how to access this generous government incentive.

Tickets are still available for the seminar where the primary aim, according to a spokesperson, will be: “R&D Tax Solutions will be sharing a number of strategies and tactics to help businesses to maximise the available tax relief on offer from HMRC.

"By the close of the seminar, participants will understand the outline of the R&D Tax Credits scheme, have learnt whether their business is eligible for it, and understand how to access the support and assistance they may need to submit a claim.”

The seminar– being held at the Innovation Birmingham Campus between 4.30pm and 6.30pm on Friday 30th June - will aim to educate those in attendance on what they need to adjust in order to comply to the R&D Tax legislation.

The spokesperson for the company explained: “We understand what HMRC are looking for to enable your R&D Tax Credits claim to meet the requirements of the legislation and do not waste your or our time submitting claims which may jeopardise your company's relationship with HMRC.”

Tickets for this seminar are rapidly selling out. In order to book your place, click HERE.

For further information on these seminars, contact R&D Tax Solutions on 0161 298 1010, or by sending an email to events@rndtax.co.uk