For a variety of reasons Janet Martin is very happy that she selected Warwick Business School to study for her Executive MBA.

Currently chief executive officer of Your Vets, with clinics across the Midlands, she was already well established in management when she decided to study for the qualification in 2010, at which time she was director of veterinary services north with CVS with responsibility for over 100 practices.

Janet’s only formal education previously had been directly in the veterinary sector, but because CVS was an expanding company she felt that she needed more in-depth training, particularly in finance and dealing with such institutions as banks, to complement what she had learned on courses already organised by CVS.

Now a resident of Droitwich, Janet then lived in Wolverhampton, although she travelled extensively for the company, and she chose Warwick Business School for several reasons, one of which was recommendation from a contact in the pharmaceutical industry.

“I also wanted to study locally and liked the structure of the Warwick Business School course , which was one-week study periods in every seven weeks,” said Janet. “It was far easier for me to take a week off periodically from my duties with CVS rather than put in the weekly commitment required by other business schools.

“Furthermore, I looked at the rankings and found that Warwick was among the top five business schools nationally.”

Warwick Business School
Warwick Business School

When she began the course she was extremely pleased with her choice. “The calibre of the other students was excellent,” she said. “Not many people in the veterinary profession study for MBAs and the course had a mix and balance of skills among the students which enabled me to talk with people from various different backgrounds.

“The tutors at Warwick Business School were excellent and the course very well organised. The reading material was sent out in plenty of time and there was much information available online. It was a very slick operation, which was all conducive to successful learning.

“Everyone at Warwick Business School was very approachable . Some subjects were totally new to me, but I felt fully supported throughout.”

Janet joined Your Vets in June 2011 as CEO and is absolutely certain that being on the MBA course helped her to secure the position. “It had changed the way I worked and even while studying I was immediately able to apply some of the things I had learned to my role at CVS,” she continued.

“I was able to take this knowledge and experience to my new company, which needed executives to deal with the financial side of the business, and it gave the company more credibility.”

Janet graduated in June 2014, a year later than intended due to family illness. She holds Warwick Business School in very high regard and has referred some of her senior staff there to study for management qualifications.