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Gold Made Simple is an online gold exchange, making it quick, simple and accessible for anyone to buy gold online, with the option of international delivery, free UK delivery or a year’s free storage in the Gold Made Simple vault.

The gold investment market continues to boom in the face of continually unstable global currencies. Traditionally seen an intelligent investment, in recent years the price of gold has risen rapidly and a large number of private investors, central banks and governments alike have looked to increase their holdings of the precious metal. However, the process of buying gold can seem a little daunting and, frankly, slightly elitist for those with little or no experience of doing so. Gold Made Simple takes the daunting side out of gold investment and presents a clear, user-friendly website from which you can buy gold in various quantities from the comfort of your own home.

2010 Gold Price Forecast

The past three years have seen a huge increase in the price of gold, with an ounce of the precious metal rising from $440 to over $1,100. A number of analysts predict that the price will continue to rise even further during 2010. Ian Henderson of JPMorgan Natural Resources fund believes that gold is ‘on an upward trend,’ while Jeffrey Nichols, Managing Director of American Precious Metals Advisors says, ‘Don’t be surprised to see gold at $1500 or higher,’ by the end of 2010.

The positive forecasts are largely down to the continued instability of the dollar, global economic uncertainty and high unemployment. All of these things have a knock on effect for all global currencies and where there remains uncertainty in global economy, the precious metal is a very attractive investment.

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