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January is, by tradition, a time for new beginnings, so those who are looking for changes in the new year, may well want to look at cutting their outgoings. For anyone suffering from financial meltdown after the Christmas period, it seems to be harder than ever to find bargains. They are out there, without doubt, but you need to know where to look.

There are reductions to be had when it comes to public transport; weekly or monthly travel passes can save money, but again the totals involved aren’t much to write home about. For drivers, it’s usually the same story; a different filling station may charge slightly less for petrol, but that’s hardly going to make a big difference to anyone’s debt.

However, when it comes to insuring your car, there is a great way to find huge reductions in a matter of minutes. Comparison websites are full of exceedingly tempting quotes, any one of which could save you hundreds of pounds every year. They’re simple to use, so head to the web and start the process immediately.

Car insurance for women is generally a lot cheaper than it is for men, purely because they’re a significantly lower risk. Female drivers are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident, to ever drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to go over the speed limit or to go behind the wheel when disqualified.

Every insurance provider, whether a world-renowned international institution or a locally-based, smaller company, realises that women motorists are safer and more conscientious, and the prices of their policies are set accordingly.

For even cheaper cover, drive a car with one or two security devices; if an immobiliser, alarm or vehicle tracker is fitted, the policy will be less expensive, and drivers with a clean licence and a lack of previous convictions and endorsements will expect to pay less.

As well as cars, some of the most famous names also insure vans, taxis, trucks and even motorcycles. There’s no need to worry about having to pay a big lump sum, either, because you can also elect to pay monthly by direct debit. It’s such a convenient way, and eliminates the need to remember to send a cheque every four weeks or so.

Different cars will obviously mean different policies, and the cost can vary greatly. An old hatchback with a relatively small engine will be in a lower insurance class than a top of the range sports car. It’s worth remembering that the risk to the provider will always dictate the level of expense.

There are specialist companies that provide car insurance for women, and all of them have plenty of experience in dealing with female motorists. They also have plenty of understanding, and are ready and waiting to give you the best cover at the best price.