When looking for flats to rent in Aberdeen, there is a wide choice available in several areas of the city.
Aberdeen is Scotland's third city after Edinburgh and Glasgow but has a very cosmopolitan feel to it, created in many ways by the discovery of North Sea oil.That saw a number of companies set up offices in the city and bring in staff from across the UK and the world. The oil boom has seen property prices rise in Aberdeen in a way that is out of proportion with the surrounding area, but whether you are looking to buy or rent, the choice available within the city is still extensive.

There is wide availability of flats to rent in Aberdeen, whether you are after a small studio flat or something with two or three bedrooms and reception rooms. The choice of property is varied too with some flats in older-style solid granite buildings while others are in more modern purpose-built apartment blocks.Property agents in Aberdeen have a regular supply of flats on their books and can give an idea of what sort of property is available and the budget category it falls into.

An important consideration is which part of the city you would prefer to live in, though Aberdeen is a pleasant city with good transport and communication links and a range of popular suburbs too.
Because a significant proportion of the workforce is transient and may be staying on short- or medium-term employment contracts there is often good availability of flats to rent in Aberdeen and also a degree of flexibility in the terms of the lease.

Aberdeen is an attractive city but only a few miles beyond the outskirts is the expansive countryside of this part of Scotland, which is perfect for those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.