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Professional Indemnity insurance is crucial protection for any business that offers professional services such as consultancy or design.

Having the right Professional Indemnity policy in place can ensure that the company is protected against claims of negligence brought against the company by customers.

Claims of negligence can range from giving clients poor advice or designs leading to some form of financial or physical loss to breaching a client’s confidentiality.

Professional Indemnity can cover all manner of professional businesses, including, advertising consultants and accountants to architects and building surveyors.

For many businesses operating in a professional capacity they are legally obligated to have the correct insurance policies in place.

Apart from Professional Indemnity insurance many companies may want to consider Employers Liability insurance.

If a company employs one or more members of staff it is important that they have the right amount of Employers Liability cover in place as this is a legal requirement. However, should your business only employ yourself or solely family members then you may not require it.

Employers Liability insurance covers your business if an employee has an injury or become ill as a result of working for your company. If this happens they may be entitled to claim compensation from you, therefore it is important that you have Employers Liability in place to help cover the cost.

It can be very difficult to understand insurance policies and you may not always make the best choice for your business when purchasing them. Price comparison websites such as can be very informative and will assist you in making the best choices for your company.