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The worldwide web is full to the brim with advice. There are pages to tell you where the best restaurants are, how to make the most of a mobile phone contract, how to improve your golf swing - in fact, almost anything you can think of can apparently be improved with a surfing session on the Internet.

However, the danger is that most advice has a hidden agenda. The restaurant owner may have paid for that page, the phone advice could be geared towards a certain provider, and that magic swing might only be achieved with a certain make of golf club. Really helpful advice is only 100% valid when it’s 100% impartial.

Car insurance comparison websites are, however, independent and free from the influence of corporate bias. Their sole purpose is to provide fair information to Internet users with no preference for any particular company. They’re also free to use, and remarkably simple, even if you’re not a computer expert.

Inputting details about the driver and the vehicle takes a matter of minutes, and will give the vast database all the information required to produce a list of attractive and tempting quotes. A poor motoring history, with endorsements and previous convictions, will lead to increased premium costs, as will a lack of driving experience.

Smaller and less powerful cars are far cheaper to insure than the sportier gas guzzlers, and motorists can expect reductions if their vehicles are more secure. To that end, an immobiliser, alarm or tracker will lead to lower rates, as will keeping a car in a locked garage overnight.

It’s so easy to compare car insurance providers nowadays; at one time, the only way to obtain a comprehensive list of quotes involved dozens of phone calls and several hours of mind-numbing boredom.

Once you’ve located the perfect quote it’s a simple step to begin the policy. A click of a mouse will start the ball rolling, and you can be covered in minutes. Many people choose to pay by monthly instalments, to spread the cost. It costs a little more than shelling out the full amount in one go, but it makes budgeting simpler.

Millions of people every year turn to these sites to find better deals, and return every renewal time to check whether they are able to make further savings. Some of them choose to spend their windfall on accessories for their car, such as plush new mats and satellite navigation systems. What will you spend your saving on?

It’s not surprising to know that winter is statistically the most dangerous time for drivers; hundreds of accidents occur every day, many of them due to the icy conditions. It all goes to highlight the need for appropriate cover.

If you make the switch and are satisfied with the service you receive from your new company - and even if you’re not - you can leave feedback on the site so that future customers will be aware of the pros and cons of your chosen company. It’s easier to compare car insurance when you have up to date information on the providers.