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Searching for the best car insurance available that provides value for money can be hard to do.

The number of providers and adverts fighting for your business has greatly increased over the last few years, and although this makes for a more competitive marketplace, the vast number of options and our progressively busy lifestyles means that many motorists don’t bother to shop around and just accept their annual renewal quote.

However, the time-impoverished car driver doesn’t need to pay over the odds. By using a price comparison website, you can take minutes instead of hours to beat your renewal quote and save yourself lots of money.

Comparison sites compare hundreds of car insurance policies to get you a better deal. You only need to enter your details once and the site will do the rest.

They search through the quotes from many providers to find a policy that matches your needs. You can then even apply online, with many providers sending you your policy documents instantaneously via email.

If you are willing to invest as little as 15 minutes comparing the market online, you can be guaranteed a truly competitive deal year in, year out.

When comparing insurance, one of the things you may want to look into is how much excess you will need to pay in the event of a claim. This money will need to be paid by you out of your own pocket, so it is worth comparing how much each company would require when deciding whom to go with.

It is also good to check if you have to pay an extra amount of excess on windscreens and windows if they need to be replaced or become damaged. Some insurance companies may repair your windscreen without asking for the excess.

You should also look at whether a courtesy car is available if your car is involved in an accident or needs repair. Some insurers will ask you to pay extra whereas others offer this as a free benefit.

If you do look to compare car insurance deals, it’s worth looking at the companies that will allow you to take out limited mileage insurance. This may allow you to make further savings if, for example, you are insuring a second vehicle that is not used much.

You can also save if you insure more than one car with the same provider, under a multi-car policy.

It is very important when comparing quotes that you compare like with like. What can seem like a great deal may turn out to cost you more than you bargained for once all the extras are added on.

If you want to protect your no-claims bonus, add roadside assistance or windscreen coverage, make sure you detail these in the first instance when making your application.

If you are a driver looking to renew your insurance policy, you should inspect every quote for small deviations. If the coverage offered is wrong in the first place, you may find yourself uninsured in certain circumstances.

Check every detail and don’t forget to read the small print. Car insurance comparison websites will take away the time and hassle factor, but don’t forget to make sure the policy covers everything you need.

If you are hoping to save some money on your car insurance, the internet is definitely the place to compare car insurance deals to find the best for you.