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The statistics may say that there are still many people who haven’t looked for cheap gas and changed supplier, but there’s definitely a growing trend. More and more people are demanding better deals and value from their suppliers.

The evolution of price comparison engines within the gas market has meant that you can find cheap gas at the click of a button. When you go online you’ll be impressed with the choice you now have.

But cheap gas isn’t just about your supplier, it’s also about how you can save money on appliances and other essentials. Cheap gas appliances are easily located online and there are plenty of reliable retailers to choose from.

When you first set out to purchase a cheap gas appliance, such as a stove or fire, take the time to read customer reviews of the products. People are not paid to write these reviews so if they give a bad write-up, you should probably consider avoiding that product.

Balance these reviews against industry comments and possibly news items. Use search engines to find any mentions of these products in the news or in blogs to ensure that your compromise on price isn’t going to compromise your safety.

Take notes for each appliance, write down those that had the most favourable reviews and prepare a short list. This will help you as you whittle the options down to your top choices.

It’s also a wise idea to research the supplier and the manufacturer of your chosen appliances. See if they’ve had good or bad reviews and, where relevant, if their after sales support has been up to standard.

You don’t want to save hundreds on a cheap gas appliance only for it to have a reputation for collapsing two days after its warranty runs out. That happens far more often than consumers should have to deal with.

Then see if you can’t get your cheap gas appliance at even lower prices by comparing them with different retailers. Here the search engines will once again prove to be your most useful ally. Hundreds of options will pop up.

Make the effort to read about three to four pages of search results. Just because someone doesn’t appear on the first page it doesn’t mean they are not cheaper or better. Some companies may not have invested as much in web optimisation or development.

Once you’ve bought and installed your appliance you should also consider looking into a maintenance scheme. Some suppliers will have them as an extra offering and they may be well worth the extra costs. Work out how much it would cost you to repair the appliance versus a regular service plan that would cover you for most eventualities.

Cheap gas and cheap gas appliances are easily found and researched. All it takes is a little time and effort and you can find yourself laughing all the way to the bank. Now you only need to decide what you’re going to do with all that money you’ve managed to save.