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Flights to Amsterdam can be bought online or at a travel agent, but you can often get the best deals online with the cheaper no frills airlines. They will have great deals on early morning flights and those that depart midweek. If you are flexible about when you fly, you should take advantage of the really cheap flights at this time.

The no-frills airlines sometimes have hidden charges that add up as you go through the booking process. It is recommended that you also check out deals on other airlines, to get the best price.

Travel agents will also have good deals on flights to Amsterdam, which are likely to include hotels. It can be worthwhile taking advantage of these deals as there are not as many hotels as in some cities.

Flights to Amsterdam take just over an hour, which makes it the perfect destination for a weekend break. Depending on when you fly and which airline you use, the cost of return flights can range from £50 to £200. You will also need insurance, and some airlines offer insurance for a one-off trip, which is worth looking into.

The best times to go to Amsterdam are during spring, when the tulips are in bloom, and during autumn - although the weather is less predictable then.

The summer can be very hot and the city gets crowded, so the best time to fly is usually out of the school summer holidays to avoid the crowds and secure the cheaper deals on flights and hotels.

The main airport in Amsterdam is the Schiphol airport, which is only about a ten-minute drive from the city centre. Once you have arrived in the city, getting around is best done on foot or by bike.

Many of the hotels rent bikes or there are plenty of companies around that will do so. If you do hire a car, it is best to use it for out-of-town trips rather than around the city centre.

Another way to get around and see all the tourist attractions Amsterdam has to offer is by canal bus. This navigates its way around Amsterdam city with a guide who tells you all about the history of the city.

You can hop on and off to enjoy the sights. There is also a museum boat, which goes to all the museums and the ticket price includes half-price entry to the museums.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Amsterdam and the city boasts some of the best museums, including the Van Gogh museum among others, in the Museumplein and Vondelpark areas.

The Anne Frank house is also a must-see place to visit and the canals make good viewing, especially after dark when they are beautifully lit up.

Amsterdam is also famous for its Red Light District, which is situated in the De Wallen area where you will find many of the infamous ‘brown cafes' to sit and relax and take in the atmosphere of the city.