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Andrew Strauss, the England Cricket Captain, today lent his support to the Bouncing with Health campaign, recently launched by Love My Trampoline, distributor of Jumpking Trampolines, the world’s best selling brand of family/garden trampoline.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the health and fitness benefits of trampolines and their particular role in combating the fast-growing problem of child obesity in the UK.

Strauss said:

“Having young children of my own I am particularly concerned that they grow up fit and healthy and get the regular exercise they need. When I learnt about Bouncing with Health I was pleasantly surprised by the specific health benefits of trampolining (having recently acquired a trampoline ourselves!).

We have a trampoline because it’s great fun for children of almost any age. What I hadn’t previously realised was just how beneficial playing on a trampoline can be, especially how effective it is as an aerobic exercise and how good it is for developing young bones and joints because of its low impact nature.

What a great way of ensuring that my children will easily get the one hour a day exercise recommended by the Government*.”

Piers Pollard, MD of Love My Trampoline, who is responsible for the Bouncing with Health campaign, added:

“The latest obesity stats indicate that in 2010 19% of boys and 22% of girls in England, aged 2-15, will be obese**. Figures have nearly doubled since 1995, when the comparable figures were 11% and 12% respectively. 35% of all children will be overweight or obese this year.

We all know that regular exercise is well recognised as being a key component of staying fit and healthy and not becoming overweight. What isn’t so well known are the specific benefits that exercise on a trampoline has to offer and that’s what Bouncing with Health is all about.

In addition to the cardio-vascular and low impact benefits that Andrew identified, trampolining is also excellent for developing balance and coordination. Moreover, it cleanses the body’s lymphatic system, helping rid the body of toxins, trapped proteins, bacteria, viruses and waste cells. It is a versatile form of exercise that helps maintain a healthy body weight and lessen the likelihood of obesity.

But most of all, it’s fun! Unlike many other forms of exercise, it’s something that children enjoy doing and therefore will continue to do. Try and get your overweight 12 year old away from the games console to go on a cross-country run and you’re asking for trouble. But get him/her on a trampoline and it’s a different proposition altogether.

As well as raising awareness, Bouncing with Health will be also be raising funds for charity and is looking to announce soon a partnership with one of the UK’s leading health charities.

Bouncing with Health is not just aimed at children. This year 33% of men and 28% of women in England will be obese. Two thirds of all adults (66%) will be either overweight or obese.** Men and women, too, have much to gain from regular exercise on the trampoline.

*The Department of Health recommends that each day children should get 60 minutes of physical activity of at least moderate intensity, and that at least twice a week this should include activities to improve bone health, muscle strength and flexibility.

**Source: The NHS Information Centre Report on Obesity in England

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