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Women's magazines and the Sunday supplements tend to be full of diet tips, exercise regimes and healthy hints that just seem downright weird.

Whether it is plunging your feet into a tank-full of water to allow dozens of fish to gently nibble the dead skin off your soles, using hair conditioner instead of foam when shaving your legs or applying tea bags to your eyes as a cost-effective remedy for dark circles and puffiness, there are hundreds of slightly surreal beauty treatments to try.

That's fine for beauty, but when it comes to your health you're probably looking for something a bit more proven and guaranteed.

Health supplements are the answer. You just need to look at the number of wellbeing food stores popping up on local High Streets and the many people now taking daily doses of health products to realise how popular vitamins, dried fruits and so-called "superfoods" have become.

One such product, and one of the key ingredients featured in Nature's Plus Wholefood Total Body Cleanse, is the Acai berry.

Found deep in the Amazon Jungle, the Acai berry has shot to prominence in recent years. Much of that growth has been fuelled by pictures of celebrities fuelling their body with the berry - whether as a juice, a fruit or as part of a wellbeing supplement.

But what good will the Acai berry do?

Ah, yes. You're wondering what good the Acai berry will do to your body and general health. That's a fair question; after all, hearing us proclaiming the benefits of a Brazilian berry probably sounds as preposterous as sticking your feet into a basin overflowing with water and fish.

But, like that unusual aquatic treatment, Acai berries really do work.

For example, when taken as a delicious juice, the Acai fruit has been found to contain a greater amount of antioxidants than other fruit juices, including apple and orange.

And when used in a product like Nature's Plus Wholefood Total Body Cleanse - which boasts 500mg of the beneficial berry in its unique formula - Acai can help with weight-loss and with improving general health. You can expect improved metabolism and greater energy, too.

Now, that's what I call a super food.