There’s more to saving money and energy than fitting the odd LED light bulb

1. Roof, floor, walls

The heating’s been on for hours so why is the house still icy cold?  You may as well decamp to the deep freeze.  Perhaps your house isn’t properly insulated, and heat, which flows from a warmer to a cooler space, is escaping through your roof, floor or walls.  The environment, your humour and your wallet are suffering, so consider getting a qualified home energy auditor in to conduct an insulation check. Insulate your loft and you’ll benefit for at least 40 years, reducing energy waste and your bills. Fit cavity wall insulation and you’ll save £135 per year and 550kg in carbon dioxide emissions.  You could even insulate your floor yourself.  If every household in the UK used the best draught proofing methods, every year we would save £190 million, and enough energy to heat nearly 400,000 homes.

2. Windows and doors

Amazing glazing: if you’re serious about saving energy and money, consider investing in double glazing, which can be tailored to your windows and will transform your home. Just search online for Zenith UPVC double glazing and, before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a toasty warm house and lower bills.  You might not realise how much heat can escape from your exterior doors, particularly if they’re old, badly installed or unsealed.  Replace your outer doors with energy efficient Zenith UPVC front doors and you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

3. Boiler

Your boiler is to blame for 60% of your annual energy bills, so make sure you have an efficient one.  If every household in the country installed a high-efficiency boiler, the energy saved would be enough to provide heating and power for almost two million homes.  Replace your old gas boiler with a high-efficiency condensing boiler to save £300 a year.  Swot up on how to use your heating controls and get generous with your thermostats, fitting them in rooms and on radiators and water tanks.

4. Water

We each use 150 litres of water a day and heating water accounts for a hearty chunk of our energy bills.  A few small changes will reduce the amount you use.  Replace shower heads with energy efficient ones and take showers rather than baths. If you must have a bath, scoop up the water and give the garden a drink.  Only use the amount of water you need, when boiling a kettle, washing up, cleaning your teeth or your car.  Run full machine loads on energy saving settings whether you’re washing clothes or crockery. 

5.  Appliances

Computers, entertainment equipment and kitchen appliances guzzle electricity like it’s going out of fashion.  Make sure all equipment is switched off when not in use and say no to standby – it’s a pointless waste of energy and an unnecessary expense - £1 billion is wasted every year in the UK.  Ditch the desktop in favour of a laptop and seek out energy efficient washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, fridges, freezers, TVs, recorders and radios. Make your home more energy efficient and you’ll begin to see the benefits.