Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore has seen off the now annual challenge to his leadership.

Labour councillors, meeting in private, voted by 47 to 27 in support of the 68-year-old leader - known as the great survivor for his ability to see off rivals.

It was the third challenge in four years from Quinton councillor John Clancy, who put forward a voter-friendly manifesto.

There was an even more resounding endorsement of deputy leader Ian Ward who secured a 57-16 victory over Coun Clancy's running mate Coun Barry Henley.

It means business as usual for to Labour administration, which meets again on Monday to hear Sir Albert's cabinet appointments and elect the chairmen of scrutiny committees.

A number of councillors claimed they backed Sir Albert's experience at a time of austerity.

Coun Clancy's pledges of free primary school meals, reconsideration of the garden tax and the likely scrapping of the Capita Service Birmingham contract are unlikely to see the light of day.