City councillor John Clancy has announced a third bid to seize the Labour leadership from Sir Albert Bore.

The Quinton councillor has said he would ensure at least 4,000 houses a year were built in the city over the next four years, make Birmingham a Free School Meals City and slash or scrap the Capita contract for Service Birmingham if he were elected.

He is standing alongside Coun Barry Henley (Lab Brandwood) who is challenging current deputy leader Ian Ward for his position.

A vote will take place May 31 at the Labour group’s AGM, and comes just a year after Sir Albert fended off Coun Clancy's last leadership bid.

The Clancy-Henley bid makes 10 promises in all. Among the others are plans to make transport more affordable, support children’s centres, recreate the Birmingham Municipal Bank and make the authority an open-data council.

Coun Clancy also wants to overhaul the way that local pensions are dealt with.

Coun Clancy said: “We will look at what are the bedrock Labour principles this city should start with and build up from that.

“Our house-building and housing refit programmes will be where we start.

“We will also look at the whole fleet and waste spend, and review recent decisions. In particular, we would look to return free bulky waste collections. We would return the community chest to levels which have real impacts at the very local level.”

Coun Clancy was defeated in a leadership challenge in May 2011.

Sir Albert Bore has been leader of the Labour group on Birmingham City Council for 15 years.

He confirmed he would not be standing aside, but said he would not comment because the vote was an internal Labour party matter.