The number of people moving to the West Midlands from abroad to work rose by more than 60 per cent last year.

New data published by the Department for Work and Pensions says that 39,129 adults from overseas were given National Insurance numbers in the area during 2014/15.

This is a rise of 63.8 per cent on the 23,893 foreigners who were awarded the documentation the year previously.

National Insurance numbers are awarded to people who come to the UK to work and are are used for tax purposes with payments going towards benefits such as the state pension.

Within the West Midlands, Dudley saw the biggest rise in the number of foreigners getting National Insurance numbers with the 527 in 2013/14 doubling to 1,063 in 2014/15.

This means Dudley has observed the sixth largest increase out of the 381 local authorities in Great Britain while Solihull saw the smallest increase in the West Midlands - 45.7 per cent - but even this was well above the national average.

Across the whole of Great Britain, the number of adults being awarded National Insurance numbers in 2014/15 rose to 820,646.

This is an increase of 37 per cent compared to the 600,156 who were given one in 2013/14.

In the two years previous to this, the number of foreigners being awarded a national insurance number had remained fairly steady with 559,204 getting one in 2012/13 and 598,402 getting one in 2011/12.

The figure for 2014/15 is, therefore, a significant increase and the highest number for any year that the DWP has recorded.

Local authority figures for 2014/15

Dudley - 1,063 (increase of 101.7 per cent on 2013/14)

Wolverhampton - 4,278 (+76.1 per cent)

Walsall - 1,836 (+75.4 per cent)

Sandwell - 4,431 (+73.7 per cent)

Birmingham - 18,239 (+63 per cent)

Coventry - 8,552 (+51.4 per cent)

Solihull - 730 (+45.7 per cent)