A Midland MP who supported extended licensing hours for pubs has called for drivers to be forced to observe a "zero" alcohol limit before getting behind the wheel.

David Wright, Labour MP for Telford in Shropshire, said people must learn to leave their cars at home when they go out for a drink.

Mr Wright said more education was needed to combat an increase in drink-driving in the UK.

"I support flexible drinking hours.

"It stops the 11pm rush to down four or five pints in the last hour," he said.

But he admitted there was now a greater "worry" over how people got home in the early hours after extended drinking.

"It's an easy option to drive home from the pub," he said.

"People must not be tempted. They must leave their car at home and arrange a lift with a friend."

Mr Wright praised the work of Telford Training Consultants which runs education courses for convicted drink drivers nationally.

In Shropshire 589 drink drivers were convicted by county magistrates last year for being over the limit. They were referred on to a TTC education programme.

In return for 18 hours tuition, they are entitled to receive up to a quarter off their driving ban.

TTC group director Jenny Wynn said it was a "major concern" that new licensing laws which had led to longer pub opening hours were not linked to a public education programme.