Ashley Young has ticked off quite a few personal targets this season - secret goals and ambitions he keeps to himself, tucked away in a corner of his mind.

But it would not take a mind-reader to guess what some of those achievements are - breaking into the senior England squad is almost certainly one while another might be becoming the Premier League's master of the assist - a title he is vying for alongside Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo.

But the Aston Villa's winger has revealed one dream he has yet to fulfil - that of one day lining up against his two younger brothers - both of whom are rapidly following in his footsteps and being tipped as potential football stars of the future.

Young said: "I have three brothers - one older and two younger. My two younger brothers Lewis and Clyde are both at Watford. One is 18 and one is 11 and they are both doing extremely well.

"I don't see any reason why they won't come through - and hopefully one day I will get to play with them or against them.

"That is what I have always wanted. It has always been a bit of a dream of mine to play with them or even better play against them.

"They are both very similar to me - they both play up front or on the wing and are pretty versatile. I am sure they will make it when it comes to a career in the game."

Young, who this year broke into the senior England squad after a career with the Under-21s, revealed the influence his parents had had in encouraging all four of their sons into football and how he now owed them a huge debt of gratitude.

"My mum and dad were always on the sidelines watching us all and encouraging us," he said. "They would dash from one game watching one brother to another game to watch another. They have been a massive help to us all and I am really grateful and really thankful for all they have done for me.

"I would like to think they are proud of all of their boys. I know I want to do well and give

them some payback for all they have done for me and I hope my England call-up went some way towards making them feel all the sacrifices they have made for me over the years were worthwhile."

The 21-year-old who joined Martin O'Neill's Villa side just over 12 months ago in a record £9.5 million move, continued: "I tick off my aims in my head and I will have to add a few more now.

"I always set myself goals and targets at the start of the season and tick them off mentally and there are a few I have ticked off now.

"Hopefully I can go on and have the sort of season where I can achieve them all but I am a laid back sort of guy and I will take things as they come.

"I will just take everything in my stride and keep doing well for Villa."

Young, who famously went to the same school in Watford as Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, is still flabbergasted at his own meteoric rise to fame.

He is still amazed when he sees Villa fans walking to Villa Park with his surname emblazoned on the back of their shirts and blushes when asked if he considers himself a good role model.

He said: "It is great when you are travelling to a game and you see people with your name on the back of their shirts. It makes you want to do well for them.

"I hope I am a good role model for kids. I get taken aback sometimes when youngsters say they look up to me. I am just me. I am just Ashley Young. But if people look at what I am doing and see me as a good role model and that helps kids then I am happy.

"When I was young I always looked up to Ian Wright. I was an Arsenal fan when I was younger and I had loads of videos of him and I wanted to be a good striker like him.

"I saw him recently at one of the England Internationals and we spoke and to be able to talk to one of your heroes and someone who you have always looked up to was incredible.

"There he was giving me a bit of advice about playing for England! It was amazing."

Young may now have the world at his feet but he says he always plans to keep his size nines planted firmly on the ground.

Being a professional footballer is a dream come true and he admits luck has played a part but also feels he has made sacrifices and has had to work exceptionally hard.

"You have to make a lot of sacrifices as a player. For me it was giving up a lot of friends when I moved from down south. I also found out who my true friends were.

"But I also know I am very lucky. Yes there are times when you want to pop to the shops and you know if you do you will be mobbed but then it is nice that people recognise you.

"I can't just go out anywhere - I have to be dedicated but I do love this job."