Wives and partners of MG Rover workers are heading to Downing Street tomorrow to protest against the closure of the Longbridge plant.

About 200 people are due to head to the capital to lobby the Prime Minister Tony Blair about the "appalling" levels of potential redundancy pay.

While car workers at Ford's Dagenham plant received redundancy pay in the region of £30,000, those who lose their jobs at Longbridge stand only to receive about £2,800.

Gemma Cartwright, whose husband Andrew has worked in the paintshop at MG Rover for 15 years, is hoping to meet MPs and ministers.

She said: "The redundancy that is on offer is appalling. What are we going to do with that and how is that going to support people while they go out and re-train?

"We are going to go to Downing Street to protest for our children's future.

"We will ask the Government what our children's future is if they are determined to take industry out of Birmingham. Why, for example, are the police not using Rover cars?

"Tony Blair has a Rover 75, but you never see it."

The 28-year-old mother-offour, from Kings Norton, said: "It's much more than just Longbridge. It's about the whole area.

"They've taken the motor show from us. They're now taking the car industry from us. The lads deserve everything they can get for their severance packages, if it comes to that. They have bent over backwards for this company.

"Phoenix means a bird that rises from the ashes, but that is what John Towers and the rest have left us with - ashes."

Liz Hanks, aged 41, whose husband Phil has worked in the paint shop at the plant for 15 years, was also planning to take part in the demonstration.

The mother of two, from Kings Norton, said: "We're trying to get as many women and children to support their husbands and fathers.

"We want the same payout as those at (the Ford plant) Dagenham - £ 30,000 to £35,000 each. We're fighting for our children and our families."

Mrs Hanks, who was handing out contact details to workers at Longbridge yesterday, described the potential closure of the site as "devastating".

And she attacked the Government for not doing enough to save the ailing car giant.

"They're crying tears of guilt because they didn't do enough," she added. n Anyone who wishes to go with the delegations should go to Q Gate at Longbridge between 7 and 7.15am for a

7.30am departure. Free coaches will be laid on.