If Worcestershire defeat Nottinghamshire at Radcliffe on Sunday, they win the Midland County Championship for the first time since 1998. That's the simple state of affairs.

Defeat, on the other hand, or a draw, would cause serious complications. In the event of either of those results, three other counties would assume a claim on the title.

Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire would come into the argument because only one point separates the top four counties.

That's the one point by which Worcestershire lead.

"We have informed all our players of the exact position," said Worcestershire's secretary, Andrew Boyd.

The exact position, in the event of a Worcestershire defeat, is that Staffordshire would have to beat Derbyshire by eight matches and that Warwickshire would have to beat Shropshire & Herefordshire by four if they were to overhaul the present leaders.

But, in cold reality, they would have to win by two matches more than that to overtake Nottinghamshire.

In terms of "goal difference," Nottinghamshire lead Worcestershire by two.

So when all the theories and technical possibilities are exhausted, and despite the fact that Staffordshire and Warwickshire believe that they still have much to play for, it looks very much as though the crunch will come at Radcliffe.

And as Worcestershire see it, good golf is going to settle the issue.

"Radcliffe is a generous course," said Boyd. "We don't feel as threatened as we would if we were going to Hollinwell. Radcliffe will not be offering any favours to the home team."

Worcestershire, who rely very heavily on the team ethic, are a side who are battling to reassert themselves. They had won all their games until they came across Warwickshire at Maxstoke Park last month and the memory of the defeat they suffered that day, goads them now.

"We missed a great chance there," said Boyd. "We led 31/2-11/2 after the foursomes and to throw away the singles was a big disappointment.

"Now we have to see if the boys have the bottle to put things right. They're certainly keen enough."

With Anthony Hill returning to duty, with Richard Gurney in prime form - he broke the Burnham& Berrow course record in the course of the West of England Strokeplay Championship last week - and with Chris Bromley basking in the glow of his second place in the Midland Order of Merit (Gurney was third), Worcestershire are at full strength.