Wolves boss Terry Connor has warned skipper Roger Johnson the behaviour which meant he was unfit to train on Monday had "better be a one-off".

Johnson was disciplined by the club for making what Connor described as "a mistake" with his actions on Sunday night in the aftermath of the 5-0 Barclays Premier League defeat at Fulham.

That followed on from him being dropped for the games at Newcastle and against the Cottagers - a decision Connor admitted Johnson "wasn't happy about" - after a poor run of form.

But Connor has confirmed Johnson will remain club captain and under consideration for Saturday's home encounter with fellow strugglers Blackburn.

He said: "It was unacceptable what Roger did. He broke the club's code of conduct and he's been given his punishment.

"He apologised for what he did and he's accepted his punishment. There is no problem. He did it once, he came in and recognises his mistake and it's been dealt with on a one-off basis.

"Is it a one-off situation? It had better be. It had better be a one-off.

"He's done it once and he's been punished for it. He won't want to be doing that again."

Connor quickly realised Johnson was not capable of training at an accepted standard when watching him closely.

He said: "He didn't train to the normal high standards that we expect from the players.

"I watched him in training and he wasn't right. I know how the players train and he just wasn't at that level.

"Once they fall below that, I want to know why so I spoke to him.

"I spoke to him about his condition on Monday. It was unacceptable and I dealt with that situation.

"He admitted it (his mistake) and I dealt with that on Tuesday.

"We want all our players to be spot on. But he wasn't sent home and he finished the session."

Johnson had already been dropped before his misdemeanour and there was even speculation that he threatened to quit over the decision.

But Connor insists he can force his way back into the side.

He said: "If Roger comes in and trains well and conducts himself in the right manner, there's absolutely no reason why he can't come back.

"I haven't watched Roger closer than anyone else since, but he's trained well.

"He was dropped because he wasn't playing as well as what I'd like him to play, Whether you're captain or not, you're still responsible for your position on the park.

"That goes for everybody. He wasn't very happy about being dropped, like most players but that was my decision and I told him.

"As far as I was concerned that was the end of it. It does happen."