Plans for the first wind farm in the West Midlands have been rejected by planners.

Members of the South Staffordshire District Council planning committee described the six-turbine application at King’s Street, near Brineton, as “horrendous” as they rejected the scheme.

Campaigners from the Stop Turbines Action Group (Stag) welcomed the refusal but said they were now prepared should the applicant Wind Prospect appeal the decision.

Tony Lendon, chairman of Stag, said: “It was absolutely brilliant, it couldn’t have gone better if we’d scripted it.”

Hundreds of local residents, councils and environmental bodies had raised concerns at the plan which would have seen the 126 metre turbines built on green belt on the Mottey Meadow world heritage site.

On the eve of the decision, chiefs at Wind Prospect had asked planners for a deferral on the decision for three months to address environmental concerns.

However Coun David Clifft, a member of the planning committee, said the decision was right and that the company had been given enough time to plan its application.

He said: “The infrastructure just isn’t there, the roads are really narrow there and would have to be widened. The place was too sensitive.”

Mr Lendon said he felt the battle was now 85 per cent won but added: “We’re working on the principle they will go for an appeal, we’re ready to go.”

Paul Grimshaw, development manager for Wind Prospect, said the firm was “disappointed” with the decision.

“We are particularly disappointed that the council refused our request for deferral as we believe these additional survey findings are needed to make a fair and informed decision.

“We stand by our commitment to the site and firmly believe that King’s Street is one of very few sites in south Staffordshire that meets the criteria for a wind farm of this scale.”