Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to green technology will ensure it’s long-term future, according to a West Midlands MEP.

Neena Gill (Lab West Midlands) predicted that motor manufacturing in the region would survive the recession, as she visited Jaguar’s site in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham.

She said: “This plant is an example of how the West Midlands and the UK motor manufacturing sector as a whole can weather this financial storm.”

“Here we see a company genuinely committed to the development of green and energy-efficient cars, which represent the future of this industry. If the West Midlands can strike while the iron is hot, we have every chance of securing our region’s future as a centre of manufacturing and innovation.”

“The Castle Bromwich site, which produces the Jaguar XK model, one of the few models to be doing well in the current climate, is a leading light in the research and development of green and energy-efficient car technology.”

She would call on the European Union to make funds from £4.4billion European Green Cars Initiative available to West Midlands manufacturers, she said.