Dear Editor, I hope that the organisers of Birmingham’s new summer food festival will read this letter.

I was really looking forward to the new-style event (after reading about it in the Post, April 14) and then looked at the calendar. July 7 is a Thursday, so what about all those foodies who work all day? A 7 o’clock closing time doesn’t give people who work outside of the city centre very much time to get to Victoria Square before the stalls pack up. I work until 5pm, don’t get home until 5.30pm, and by the time I get into town, the stallholders will probably be starting to pack up and going home. What’s wrong with a Saturday or Sunday, may I ask?

Obviously, this date is now set in stone and unchangeable, but what a shame that they have summarily prevented a lot of people from enjoying the event ... it’s a real disappointment.

Michele Platman,