Midland MP Tom Watson has tabled a series of bizarre Parliamentary questions asking where he was in early September.

Mr Watson (Lab West Bromwich West) wants Ministers to confirm his whereabouts in the week leading up to the plot against Tony Blair.

It follows claims that he travelled to Scotland to confer with Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, who critics accuse of masterminding the coup.

Mr Watson was one of 15 Labour MPs to sign a letter demanding the Prime Minister's resignation. Others included Sion Simon (Lab Erdington) and Tom Watson (Lab West Bromwich).

As a result, he was forced to quit his own post as a junior Defence Minister.

But suspicion fell on the Chancellor after it emerged Mr Watson had held a private meeting with him a few days before the letter was sent.

Some allies of the Prime Minister claimed Gordon Brown gave the plotters the go-ahead.

Now Mr Watson has tabled a series of Parliamentary questions asking what the Under Secretary of State for Defence - that's him - was up to in the week beginning September 3.

He expects the answer to be that he was in Scotland on official business.

While Mr Watson has accepted he met Mr Brown, he hopes to be able to show that he was in Scotland anyway as his official capacity.

He stayed there over the weekend with his family, once his Ministerial duties were over, for a short holiday.

Mr Watson and the Chancellor say he dropped into Mr Brown's Fife home to deliver a gift for Mr Brown's son.

According to Mr Watson, the pair did not discuss the plot, which was apparently hatched up as he dined with Sion Simon in a Wolverhampton balti house.

Mr Watson said: "There have been unattributed briefings trying to read something sinister into my visit to Scotland. I just want to set the record straight."

Mr Watson reportedly met plotters at the Bilash Tandoori a day or two before he saw the Chancellor.

Mr Simon, a former professional restaurant critic, wrote in the restaurant's guest book.