Anyone who prepared to offer an opinion will say the Premiership is as dull as ditch water but West Bromwich Albion appear to be bucking the trend.

Their six Premiership fixtures have garnered 17 goals but, most tellingly of all, Albion have kept only one clean sheet. A worrying statistic for a side who are flirting with the lower reaches of the table.

Steve Watson has witnessed both ends of the spectrum during his long career.

He was a disciple of Kevin Keegan's mantra at Newcastle where defending was almost an afterthought, but he was also an integral member of Everton's pragmatic squad last season that claimed a Champions League place with their own brand of dull, but efficient football.

Albion certainly couldn't be accused of playing boring football during this campaign but remain in desperate need of a clean sheet after leaking ten goals in their last four games.

Watson admits that it is a situation that needs remedying as soon as possible.

"The amount of goals we have conceded so far would have been disastrous if it was at the end of a season," he said.

"We are only six games in, so that can be put right, but it has to be sooner rather than later. If I am still saying this after Christmas then I will be worried, but I am confident we can put it right.

"People have said the league is boring but, from an Albion point of view, I don't think it has been .

"Teams are so desperate not to get beat that not a lot is happening at the other end and I think the fear of failure is winning over.

"We are working hard at keeping clean sheets. I don't think anyone has scored a world-class goal against us.

"The Premiership was different when I was at Newcastle, as we believed attack was the best form of defence. Most of our defenders were attackminded and Phillipe Albert was always desperate to get forward and score."

Watson is positive Albion's case for the defence will improve with the arrival of Curtis Davies.

Bryan Robson has been eulogising about the young centre-half ever since his £3 million arrival on deadline day and he unleashed him for his Premiership debut at Sunderland. The 20-year-old gave an assured performance of that belied his age. Davies' confident approach to the Premiership surprised Watson, who senses Albion are returning to their post-Christmas form of last season.

"Curtis came in against Sunderland and I thought he was brilliant," continued Watson. "Most players at his age have raw ability, but it is rare that a player will talk so well and understand the game so early in his career.

"The performance against Sunderland {1-1] was our best of the season. I believe that we would have won if we hadn't conceded an early goal.

"We actually got a confidence boost from picking up a late point and beating Bradford has only carried that on."