A Midland MP has created his own internet home video in a spoof of a film produced by Tory leader David Cameron.

Mr Cameron was shown doing the washing up in his kitchen, in a video produced to tie-in with the Conservative Party conference and distributed over the internet.

Now Black Country MP Tom Watson (Lab West Bromwich) has produced his own video, in which he is also shown doing the washing up and discussing politics while drinking a cup of tea.

He has called it "Watsocam", after Mr Cameron's broadcast was named "Webcameron" by the Tories.

In the film, the MP plunges into the row over party funding, following the reports that police have questioned West Bromwich businessman Bob Edmiston, who gave the Tories a £2 million loan.

Mr Watson calls on the Tory leader to reveal who belongs to the Midlands Industrial Council (MIC), a group of West Midlands business leaders including Mr Edmiston who have donated millions of pounds to the Conservative Party.

Sitting at his kitchen table with a cup of tea in his hand, the MP also suggests that parties could save money, and avoid accepting donations, with a ban on billboard advertising.

And he suggests there should be a strict limit of £15 million on the amount parties can spend in a General Election.

He published the film, titled "Clean Up Politics with David Cameron", under the nickname "baggy MP" on the YouTube website.

Mr Watson also says money should go to individual candidates instead of the political parties.

He says: "I've kind of got his view that politics gets more decent the more local it gets, and I think the political system should target its resources at local, civic campaigns.

"Right now in any General Election a candidate gets one freepost delivery from the post office. Why don't we give them two or three?"

He also calls for more funding for council candidates, including providing them with free web sites.

"If we don't want to just sling stones and mud at each other, let's get local."