Clerical sex abuse victims are going to mount "bigger and bigger" protests every year in Rome in an effort to keep raising the issue with the Catholic Church, a Warwickshire woman has pledged.

Sue Cox, 63, from Gaydon, who spoke during a meeting near the Vatican at the weekend about her rape ordeal as a 13-year-old at the hands of a priest, said she would return "year after year" with other abuse survivors.

She was among around 100 survivors from a dozen countries, including Italy, the US, Ireland, Holland and Australia, at a candlelit protest on Sunday in Rome.

The protest included around 55 Italians from a Catholic institute for the deaf in Verona where dozens of students said they were raped by priests.

The acupuncturist later met Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi accompanied by protest organisers and US clerical abuse survivors Bernie McDaid and Gary Bergeron.

Mrs Cox, a member of the National Secular Society, accused Fr Lombardi of "PR spin" after the meeting and failing to confront the damage and destruction wreaked by paedophile priests.

"He sat there completely disinterested in anything we had to say. It was spin, there was no dialogue and no conversation," she said.