Dear Editor, Your front page report (Post, April 10) proclaims Colin Povey’s intention of redrawing the Edgbaston blueprint by “sensible modifications.”

  However, his approach is to meet “senior council planning officials” next week to “negotiate a way forward.”  These, of course, would be the same senior planning officials who have already committed themselves to giving the club a blank cheque for the extravagant plan on which a decision was deferred at Wednesday’s planning committee meeting.

Perhaps he should think about why that deferral happened. 

At a very well attended meeting at the County Ground on March 31, committee members heard many criticisms of the disproportionality of the Warwickshire County Cricket Club’s proposals. 

This was in the context of the rejection of the club’s proposal for permanent floodlights after a rigorous five-day planning inquiry in 2000.

One of the criteria which affected that decision was the social and environmental impact on the local community. 

Between 2000 and late 2008, WCCC did not consult any local residents’ organisations before producing their £32 million rabbit from the hat. 

More than 5,000 people live in the immediate environs and many thousands within a mile or so. Mr Povey describes objectors as “a small vocal minority who clearly don’t want this in their back garden.” 

If our number is so small he should have been able to meet us quite easily over the last eight years to discuss the club’s thoughts for the future, one might think. Yet, no such approach was made. Why not?

  As the March 31 meeting made clear, we are not against “sensible modifications” and improvements at Edgbaston.  The pavilion is one of the oldest in the country, is no longer fit for purpose, and urgently needs replacement. 

Many other developments within the ground would be beneficial to visitors and players without causing mayhem for the neighbours.

  One sticking point, however, is no permanent fixed floodlights. The Planning Inspector’s report condemned totally the way that they would destroy the attractiveness of the locality.

  Everyone concerned was born or moved into the area long after the ground had established its worthy reputation as one of the key sites for first class cricket in this country. None of us want to see WCCC banished from Edgbaston - we just want a good neighbour relationship.

David Spilsbury
Treasurer, Cannon Hill Neighbourhood Forum