Warwickshire's juniors blazed their way into the record books at Moor Hall yesterday when they won the Four Counties Championship for the Richards Baldwin Shield for the fifth successive year.

They won all their three matches and only Gloucestershire ran them close.

"We were strong at the top," said Warwickshire's president-elect, John Stubbings, "we were strong at the bottom and we did enough in the middle."

Strong at the top was a dire understatement. Warwickshire's No 1, Andrew Sullivan, of Purley Chase, won his opening match, against Staffordshire, 8&7. He then won his match against Gloucestershire 6&4 and dismissed his Worcestershire opponent 5&4.

Then Warwickshire's No 2, Rob Browning, who lost his first game against Staffordshire, rocketed back to form with 3&2 and 4&3 victories over Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

Staffordshire, who lost all their matches, had designs on an upset when they took on the champions. These were substantially enhanced when Andy Ellis led Warwickshire's John Banbury by four holes with seven to play.

Not for nothing is Moor Hall's finish described as the toughest in the Midlands, and Banbury, over his home course, won six of the last seven holes to claim a famous victory.