Walsall Council is in mourning after the sudden death of Deputy Mayor Coun Catherine Micklewright.

The 78-year-old widow, who was due to become Mayor in May, suffered a cardiac arrest on a bus in Station Road, Aldridge, just after noon on Saturday and died shortly after arriving at Manor Hospital.

Both her family and police are trying to trace a 15-year-old boy who gave her cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while he waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Coun Micklewright, originally from Donegal, was Conservative member for Rushall-Shelfield, where she had served since 2004.

Current Mayor Coun Tom Ansell (Con Aldridge Central & South) said: “She was a fine councillor. It’s a tragedy for the people she represents.”

Pelsall Conservative councillor Garry Perry said Coun Micklewright was like a “second mum” to him.

“She was a unique character – forthright, opinionated and strong but with a heart of gold. She was always out, serving the town in one way or another.”