Michael Vaughan, the England captain, accepts he may have to consider not appearing in one-day internationals if he is to continue playing Test cricket.

The 31-year-old Yorkshire batsman has had a torrid time with injuries, being forced to fly home from the Test series in India for an ultra-sound injection in his right knee on which he had undergone surgery in December before missing the series, which England drew 1-1.

Vaughan, however, says he is focused on playing before the three-Test series against Sri Lanka starts on May 11. He said: "A lot of people are trying to make that decision for me. The most important thing for me is to just get back playing cricket and then there are decisions I will probably have to make.

"I love playing cricket and while I am given the opportunity to play both forms of the game, I would love to continue.

"But in the future, if a stage comes whereby missing out on one form of the game will prolong my cricket for a few years, then of course that decision will be made. But until I get back playing cricket, with all the work I'm doing now, it is very difficult to say what I'm going to do. I've just got to work hard and make sure I get back and play and then I'll make a few decisions."

Vaughan first tweaked his right knee before the second Test against Australia in November 2002. He twisted it in May 2004 before suffering cartilage damage in November last year while in Pakistan and missed the one-day series in order to undergo an operation.