A global alliance has been formed between two universities on opposite sides of the Earth to help better equip Midland students for careers in a globally integrated market.

The alliance between the University of Warwick and Australia’s Monash University comes after the vice chancellors of each signed a new agreement to clearly establish both as “globally connected universities”.

Vice Chancellor for Warwick, Professor Nigel Thrift, and Vice Chancellor for Monash, Professor Ed Byrne, believe the new partnership will help meet the increasing student, industry and government demand for universities to produce graduates with a global education.

The partnership will see £2 million invested in creating at least 10 joint senior academic posts and a range of jointly delivered degrees developed with students undertaking studies at both universities.

Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor Prof Thrift said: “Monash is a compelling partner for Warwick. Both were born in the 1960s, and are renowned for a fast-paced innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that has brought rapid success and quickly built strong global reputations.

“Each university brings their own network of international partnerships that will enhance the other’s position as globally connected universities. This will be a highly sought-after model for research led universities.”

The alliance will also help the universities undertake research aimed at addressing “world relevant and strategically important problems” which would have proved too big for either to take on prior to the partnership’s formation.