A Midland firm has won a contract to supply training shoes to the US military academy at West Point.

UK Gear, based in Wolston, Warwickshire, has worked with the British Army Physical Training Corps to provide trainers recognised for their high performance, durability and comfort in difficult conditions.

They were initially discovered by US soldiers serving tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, where they became much sought after items as they swapped belongings with British troops.

The 12-month contract is to supply GT-02 multisport training shoes, which are designed and tested with military use in mind.

David Hinde, Founder of UK Gear said, “We’re delighted to be working with the US Military Academy at West Point, an organization that takes fitness seriously and will really put our training shoes to the test.

“West Point now joins the British Armed services, the US Air Force Academy and the German Military, all of which wear our shoes.”
UK Gear was created in 1993 as a designer and supplier of athletic sports gear. It is the world’s first commercial products to be developed in association with the British Army’s Physical Training Corps, which are now standard issuer for more than 100,000 soldiers all over the world.