At least 20 people were killed yesterday in attacks in Iraq, while authorities found more mutilated bodies in and around Baghdad - likely victims of the sectarian death squads - and 14 people were kidnapped in the capital.

The headless bodies of seven people were turned in to the Kut morgue, morgue spokesman Hadi al-Itabi said.

The bodies were found on Sunday in Suwayrah, 25 miles south of Baghdad.

And in eastern Baghdad, the bodies of two more people were found, police said. They had been shot, their arms and legs bound, and showed signs of torture.

Already in the 24-hour period into yesterday, a total of 50 bodies, all shot and some with signs of torture, had been found in the capital, said police 1st Lt. Thair Mahmoud.

One British soldier was killed and another injured in the attack, said spokesman Maj Charlie Burbridge.

At midday, gunmen kidnapped 14 workers from computer shops in front of Baghdad's Technical University, the second mass kidnapping in as many days in the capital.

Seven cars carrying armed men broke into the shops and seized the employees, Mahmoud said.