A tornado ripped roofs off several houses when it hit Nuneaton this morning.

The tornado appeared in Whittleford just after 6am today, as the West Midlands was battered by strong winds.

Firefighters called to the area said around 35 homes had been damaged, with some reports claiming the roofs had been ripped off 10 houses during the tornado.

"There was a sound like bombs going off. It had come down the road into Mallard Avenue, and had ripped the roofs off the houses," said local shopkeeper John Maidwell. "It only lasted a few minutes but it was absolute bedlam."

Another local resident, Vicki Fowler, described seeing "a wall of water, coming down the road horizontally and hitting the house".

"It was very, very frightening. You just didn't know what was going on."

Tiles were pulled off rooves in high winds, smashing car windows and leaving debris scattered in the streets.

And around 20 homes in Trafford Drive, Bucks Hill, were damaged, a tree was uprooted and the road was closed.

Fire engines were called out to make the buildings on the street safe, and to deal with number of trees had been uprooted and blown across pathways.

More tornadoes were reported across Britain with damage caused in Long Eaton, in Derbyshire, Farnborough in Hampshire, Luton and Northampton.